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Fymm is a studio project out of New Orleans, LA delivering synthballad, dreampop-like electronica. The project started in 2016 and is primarily a collaboration between Jen Hayes and her brother-in-law, Geoffrey Bruce Smith.The two share sounds and melodies back and forth, eventually sewing them together into one of Hayes's song ideas. It's always a fun process to create a song from start to finish, all within the studio. Fymm also thrives off of collaboration with other musicians, artists, dancers and even yogis. We hope listeners enjoy and even join in on this collaborative project. 

Although you likely wont catch a live show, Fymm keeps an active online presence (i.e., Instagram, YouTube) where those that subscribe will likely see behind the scenes dirt, teaser content, and Stay Posh material.


What is Stay Posh?

When not writing tracks, Hayes also leads Stay Posh Productions, offering sliding scale services to artists with filming, photography, and music production needs. If you ever have had a project idea but needed help making it happen, Stay Posh can help. To learn more, click here.

Fymm songs and lyrics written by Jen Hayes

Music composition and performance: Jen Hayes and Geoffrey Bruce Smith

All songs recorded and mixed by Jen and Geoff at Stay Posh Studio, New Orleans, LA

fymm press

VENTS Magazine:

"Blow Dat Horn has a video out now on YouTube featuring the dancing and movement of an array of active New Orleans artists, musicians, and yogis, which to me, characterizes New Orleans. It’s a place to be creative, collaborate, and have fun."


"[Blow Dat Horn] has an undeniable flow and a beat that Tricky would’ve killed for in his prime. In the Air is an ethereal, emotion filled track that explores the higher reaches."

Electronic North:

"Vocals, harmonies, subdued leads and a warm, fuzzy blanket of reverb meld together to create an excellently atmospheric, powerful electronic ballad..."

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